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Yes We Can!

Whether you are politically minded or not, certainly you have experienced that not-so-nice feeling in your belly when you hear something you are passionate about is about to get thrown by the wayside.

This happened recently to me when I heard that the Georgia Council for the Arts was going to be abolished. Economic times are tough right now, as we all know, but I could not understand how Georgia could be so bold as to completely eliminate GCA, and be the only state in our entire nation to not have an arts council. Not only is it disrespectful to our culture, but is also really embarrassing. To salt the wound, without a state arts council, we would also lose millions of dollars in federal funding.

I am one of those privileged people who works in the arts for a living. Every single day I see how the arts impacts people of all ages and walks of life. Having the arts in our lives enriches not only us personally, but the entire culture of our community.

So on April 19, I biked over to the State Capitol to march with my fellow lovers-of-the-arts. There were dancers, musicians, painters, actors, sculptures, performance artists -- you name it, and it was represented. And maybe most importantly, there were people marching who were not artists or musicians, but simply patrons of the arts, who know the devastation that would take place if we were to lose this funding.

And on my return home, I found myself locked out of the house, and nearly had to cancel my lessons for that day, but it was worth it, I’d like to think. Because the funding was restored to the Georgia Council for the Arts that day. At least for now.

When we cast our ballots in the future, let’s not forget to vote for the continuation of the growth of our culture. Art and music is what makes us who we are.

Save the Arts from Proper Medium on Vimeo.

The New Website

Thank you for visiting the Mary Williams Piano Studio website. Whether this is your first visit, or you have been here before, as of July this site is new to everyone.

Special thanks to Blake and Chloe at PROPERMEDIUM for putting together such a great video for the home page. Also, thanks to those participating in the video for graciously allowing us to capture a piano lesson in action. This involved a lot of time and energy for everyone, and the end result was even better than I had imagined!

This new website is more than promotion for the piano studio. This site is here to inform you of important information pertaining to the piano studio, such as times and dates of events and when to reregister. Additionally, I have added this blog which will inform you of practice advice, offer important articles on music and piano from other sources, give reviews of recordings and concerts - - well, anything I may find amusing or interesting. The possibilities are endless!

So please do check back on this blog from time to time. Perhaps there will be something here to interest you...