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Darling Dali

Do you ever get sick of the phrase, "Fun for the whole family!" If so, then I won't use it in this blog entry. How about, "An interesting event that is inclined to heighten the artistic sensibilities of child and adult alike."

The Dali Exhibit at the High is well worth the cost of admission, and free if you are a member! (If you are not yet a member of the High, go ahead and buy yourself a membership for Christmas.) Before my first visit to this exhibition, I admittedly was not a big Dali fan. Maybe because it was so overly "trippy, dude" that I kind of wrote it off as being kitsch, but after seeing this huge exhibit, I couldn't help but become a changed woman. And then I visited it for a second time, this time with the audio tour (yes, I'm one of those dorks), and it broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding of the artist.

While strolling through the exhibit the second time with headphones intact, I would sometimes sneak a peek at the "kid friendly" audio tour (look for the numbers under the mustache), and found it to be really quirky and fun, almost more enjoyable than the made-boring-for-adults audio tour.

So the point here is: go to the High, get a membership, and for an entire year you can enjoy this and other events for 'free'!

Salvador Dali Fellinis Pizza
My dad was in town for a visit, and that Dali exhibit inspired many photos like this one.