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Sunday, February 11, 2018
England Pianos
3740 Dekalb Technology Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30340
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The Atlanta Music Teachers Association annual piano festival is designed to give students of all ages, levels and abilities the opportunity to perform and be evaluated by an impartial judge, and given positive reinforcement, so that they will be encouraged to continue their musical studies. First year beginners will find it just as rewarding as advanced students.

It is important for musicians to receive constructive criticism from sources other than their teacher. Feedback from the MusicFest judges supplies the students with ideas to better improve their playing, and gives the student and teacher perspective from an outside source.

Each student, dressed in appropriate concert attire, is to arrive twenty minutes before their allotted performance time for check-in. Bring the books which contain your performance music, all measures numbered. Upon arrival, head straight to the check-in desk. They will then be shown to a practice room for warm up. This warm up should be brief, unless time/practice space allows, as they will be expected to have done a full practice session at home before coming.

When the student performs for the judge, it will be just the student and the judge in the piano room, offering a completely different performance experience from the recital setting. When the student walks into the piano room, she/he should hand the music to the judge, inform the judge which tune is going to be played first, and then get situated at the piano. No bowing in this type of performance setting. After playing, the student should thank the judge.

Once their performance is complete, head back to the registration desk for check-out, and they will receive a certificate of participation with the appropriate rating.

Please remind the students that the judge will be very friendly and will be excited to hear the student play. This experience is meant to create another positive performance experience.

Here is the list of performers and their times:

Alex 2:04pm
Asena 3:22pm
Mikalah 3:32pm
Margaret 3:44pm


Sunday, February 25, 2018
Georgia State University
Standard Building, btwn Luckie and Fairly

Parking is available in nearby lots or decks

Atlanta Music Teachers Association hosts Local Auditions every year for students 4th grade and above. Each student is to play two pieces - - one from the Baroque or Classical Era, and one from the Romantic or 20th Century Era.

When performing at Auditions, the student is to dress in appropriate concert attire and arrive twenty minutes before the allotted performance time. Go first to the check-in desk and then to the practice rooms for a brief warm up. As always, a thorough practice should done before arriving at the performance, so the time in the practice rooms at the event should be kept to a minimum.

Here is a list of those performing in this year's Local Auditions.

Asena 3:45, arrive at 2pm for check-in and GATE theory test


Friday, May 11, 2018, 4:30-5:30p
at the Studio!

Before every large Studio Recital, we have our Performance Party. This gives the student a chance to perform in front of their peers in a casual, relaxed environment before the big event. Like a dress rehearsal without getting all gussied up! This party also allows for the pianists to get to know each other better, encourage each other, and overall develop a stronger music community.

The Performance Party is invaluable for performance preparation, so attendance is mandatory, and each student is required to stay for the entire party. This year, in addition to rehearsing our playing, we will be creating signs for "Play for Paws."

Please have the students arrive promptly at 4:30pm, with a beverage. Pizza and dessert will be served.


Sunday, May 13, 2018
Holy Trinity Parish
515 E. Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
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Spring is here again! Let's celebrate this beautiful season with a recital packed with interesting music of all genres. Holy Trinity Parish is once again graciously hosting us, so there is plenty of room for friends and family to attend. Let's pack those pews!

Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to warm up on the piano and get situated before the recital begins. Additionally, please bring something to share for our reception following the recital.

I'm certain you will be impressed with the progress these students have made even since our last Winter Recital. These performers are in full bloom, and I'm loving it! We cannot wait to share our passion for music with all who attend. See you there!!!!