Mary WilliamsPiano Studio

The New Website

Thank you for visiting the Mary Williams Piano Studio website. Whether this is your first visit, or you have been here before, as of July this site is new to everyone.

Special thanks to Blake and Chloe at PROPERMEDIUM for putting together such a great video for the home page. Also, thanks to those participating in the video for graciously allowing us to capture a piano lesson in action. This involved a lot of time and energy for everyone, and the end result was even better than I had imagined!

This new website is more than promotion for the piano studio. This site is here to inform you of important information pertaining to the piano studio, such as times and dates of events and when to reregister. Additionally, I have added this blog which will inform you of practice advice, offer important articles on music and piano from other sources, give reviews of recordings and concerts - - well, anything I may find amusing or interesting. The possibilities are endless!

So please do check back on this blog from time to time. Perhaps there will be something here to interest you...