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Stephen Hough: Pianist, Composer, Human

Sometimes it is easy to forget that our most admired celebrities are real-life humans. They sleep, they eat and drink, they use the bathroom when they need to, and sometimes they even forget to brush their teeth.

Stephen Hough is one of the greatest piano players of our lifetime, so naturally, if you see him on stage, you may forget that his playing doesn't come naturally, as a butterfly spreading its wings for first-time flight, but in fact, he spends countless hours practicing and studying the music he is performing. And then one must also remember, that's not all he does.

I was turned on to Stephen Hough's blog some time ago at a conference far away, and now I can't help but peek in on him from time to time to see what he is up to. If you do the same, you will be quick to find that most of his posts are not about playing the piano, but about every day life for him. It serves as good insight into a concert giant.

Below is a link leading you to a practice tip from his blog. Just a reminder that every little bit counts.

Waiting for my carriage: practice tip no. 13

And if you have a few extra minutes, this little ditty is well worth your while: