Mary WilliamsPiano Studio

Pictures from the (not-too-distant) Past

It's been busy around these parts lately, and my blog has suffered. But in my blog-absence, plenty has been happening, and luckily I've been snapping some pictures! So here you will find a small review of the last months of 2012 through early 2013, in picture form. Enjoy!

candler park fall fest
Several students from Mary Williams Piano Studio
participated in the LINapalooza portion of
Candler Park Fall Fest. Little people, big stage!

piano performance Candler Park
Lena backstage, about to make her debut!

piano performance Candler Park Fall Fest
Charlie waits his turn. Those fingers are about to play very quickly!

piano performance Candler Park Fall Fest
Davi takes a big bow!

piano performance Candler Park Fall Fest
Margaret accompanies a friend vocalist for Adele's Someone Like You. I think they
represent the studio well with those pink pants, don't you?

piano lessons
Charlie learned the hard way why all piano teachers
recommend AGAINST carving pumpkins. But a severed
tendon in the right hand does not mean we can't play the
left hand! (Charlie did, thankfully, make a full recovery!)

bach competition North Dekalb Music Teachers Association

bach competition North Dekalb Music Teachers Association
Olivia receives Superior rating with her performance of
two pieces from A.M. Bach for the North Dekalb Music
Teachers Association Bach Competition.

piano performance Georgia Music Teachers Association
I assist fellow piano instructor, Carol Payne, demonstrate piano
concertos at the Georgia Music Teachers Association Conference
at Young Harris College.

piano recital Georgia Music Teachers Association auditions
Ava, second from the left, represents the studio well during her performance
in Georgia Music Teachers Association Winner Recital. Ava won the
4th grade division of GMTA's State Auditions, and was asked to participate
in a Winner's Recital where she performed Bach masterfully.

piano recital
Stuart performs during the Performance Party in
preparation for the Winter Recital.

mary williams in concert piano
My debut performance of my new singer/songwriter

piano recital England Pianos Atlanta Music Teachers Association
While waiting to perform in Atlanta Music Teachers
Association's MusicFest, Margaret and Lena
demonstrate that they can follow each other perfectly
in their duet, even when the sound for this digital
grand is not turned on.