Mary WilliamsPiano Studio

Studio Restructure

After being in motion for six years, it’s time to change up the studio a little bit. Here are some changes you will be seeing beginning in January of 2014:

One Hour Lessons

Students will have the option to take one hour lessons starting Spring Semester 2014. If you prefer forty-five minutes, this option is still available, but beginning Fall Semester 2014, all lessons will be one hour in length.

Why one hour, you ask? Well, it’s simple. You work harder, you get better. We do a lot during our weekly lessons: technique, solos, duets, improvisation, composition, listening, theory, etc., so in an effort to not lose the creative side or the technical side of being a pianist, we simply need a little bit more time.

Competition/Festival Fees

The cost of competitions and festivals continues to rise considerably. Currently my Studio Policy states that I will pay all event entry fees, but beginning Spring Semester 2014, students will be responsible for paying for the competitions and festivals that they participate in. I will continue to pay the teacher fee, but students will be billed for their registration fees. Generally the fees are between twenty and twenty-five dollars, sometimes more or sometimes less depending on the particular event. The cost of registration for each event will be listed on my website along with other pertinent information about the performance. You will be billed for these events on your Book Bill invoice.

Book Bills

The students cruise through their materials so quickly, meaning you are writing checks left and right. To ease the flow of my bank visits and lessen your reordering of checks, you will now be billed for all books near the end of the semester. This Book Bill will also contain the costs of any festivals or competitions the student had entered in that semester.

Weekend Warrior

Most of you have participated in A La Carte Lessons at one point or another, but now you have an additional option: Weekend Warrior! Weekend Warrior lessons are an hour and a half in length, and you can be a Single, Double, or Triple Weekend Warrior, meaning you can come one day, two days, or three days during the weekend. It’s like a mid-year piano camp for students who really want to get some serious work done! As with Lessons A La Carte, Weekend Warrior lessons are subject to availability.

Please note: Lessons a La Carte will still be available for $54 per forty-five minute lesson.

Backyard Studio

Yes, it’s actually happening. The carriage house will be finished just in time for our Spring Semester to begin. So, when you come for your lessons in January, head on down the driveway and through the doors on the side of the building. This will be our new little home!