Mary WilliamsPiano Studio

Little Studio in the Backyard

In case you are wondering why I am adorning my front stoop with piles of door mats, it's to keep the mud out of my house. In case you are wondering why there is so much mud in the driveway, it's because I am ripping apart my backyard. And in case you were wondering why is ripping out my backyard, it's because I am BUILDING A NEW STUDIO!!!

In 2008 the plan was to build a carriage house in my backyard to accommodate a piano studio on the lower level and Blake's video studio on the upper level. But if you remember 2008 well, then you remember the economy left us for dead. No loans = no building. So we waited. And waited. Then this summer we started the ball rolling again. After our contractor spent endless hours in the offices of the City of Atlanta, the project is finally starting.

And if it ever stops raining, someday we might actually see the finished product. When you come for your lessons, take a peek back there every once in a while, and witness the progress.