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Charlie Creates a Tool

One day there was a guy who made some kind of chopping, axe-like tool. This tool changed mankind forever. And then came Charlie.

You may remember Charlie from an earlier post. He's the student who decided to carve a pumpkin. (Side note to budding pianists: NEVER NEVER NEVER carve a pumpkin.) Well it was Charlie versus the knife, and the knife won. Luckily, after a super amazing surgerical procedure and months and months of dedicated physical therapy, Charlie is back at the piano, and that pinky is right there with him.

So these days instead of using a knife as a tool, Charlie has created a different kind of tool: The Measure Generator. Good news --- you can't hurt yourself with this tool, so kids, go ahead and use it with frequency.

The Measure Generator is designed to choose random measure numbers to create sections for practice purposes. Can you start from anywhere in your music? This tool is designed to help you know your music better.

Here's how it works:

1. Click on the animal icon.

2. Type the minimum measure number you want. (i.e. Type in 1 if you'd like the start from the beginning of the piece.) Then hit Enter/Return.

3. Type the maximum measure number you want. (i.e. Type 15 if you want to focus through measure 15 in practice.) Then hit Enter/Return.

4. Now click on the animal icon again and he will begin generating random selections of music for you.

5. If you'd like to start over with a different section of your piece or a new piece, click the flag on the top right of the box and implement steps 2-4 again.

See? Simple! Thanks to Charlie, mankind has a new tool. And this tool could possibly change piano practice forever!

piano student
This is a picture of Charlie, banging out some jazz.