Mary WilliamsPiano Studio


Private lessons are held weekly unless otherwise stated (see
calendar on website). All lessons are one hour in length, unless otherwise specified. To ensure a prompt lesson start time, the student should arrive five minutes early.

Lessons missed by the student will not be rescheduled. If a student is not able to attend a lesson, an advance notice to the teacher is expected. If the teacher is unable to attend a lesson, the teacher will contact the student, and the student will be given $45 credit for the next tuition cycle.

Students are to come to lessons fully prepared with all assignments from the following week thoroughly practiced/studied. A minimum of five days of practice a week, not including lesson time, is required.

All assignments will be recorded in the student’s assignment notebook. It is imperative that this assignment notebook be referred to while practicing at home. It lists detailed instructions to assist with each piece/assignment to be completed.

One of the greatest lessons to be learned as a piano student is time management and self-discipline. These traits are generally not innate to children and need constant reinforcement from the parents. It is necessary for the student to have consistent daily practice in order to reach his/her full potential. A consistent practice routine also helps to build lasting knowledge and confidence in piano playing.

Each child is required to practice thoroughly a minimum of five days a week, and in doing so, completing all the tasks required of the student as listed in the assignment notebook. It is the responsibility of the parent to encourage and maintain such a routine. Always refer to the assignment notebook for practicing guidelines.

Parents are encouraged to wait outside of the studio during their child's lesson. Parents may be asked to participate during the lesson so as to receive instruction in assisting their child for practice at home. If the parent brings another child, this child must remain under the control of the parent at all times.

Each student will be offered chances to perform during the year. Thorough, consistent practice will ensure readiness for such performances. Students who are well prepared in time for the recitals will be expected to perform. This helps to build confidence in playing for an audience and allows the student an opportunity to show of his/her hard work.

Tuition costs cover weekly lessons, group classes, performance parties, and recitals. Tuition must be paid in one single payment at the beginning of the semester, or two payments, one at the beginning of the semester and one half way through the semester. Summer Lessons are to be paid in full, and Lessons a La Carte and Weekend Warriors are to be paid the day of the lesson. Please make tuition checks payable to Mary Williams Piano Studio.

Tuition costs do not cover books or materials, or entrance fees for competitions and festivals. The teacher will purchase all necessary materials and pay for performance events. The students will then be billed for these items per semester, and the teacher is to be reimbursed via cash or check within one week of receiving the invoice. Please make reimbursement checks payable to Mary Williams.

All invoices and/or tuition costs received after the specified date are subject to a 10% late fee.

revised 12/13/13