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Piano Puzzler

Performance Today on Atlanta's NPR station, WABE, hosts the Piano Puzzler. This is the Mary the Geek saying: The Piano Puzzler is a weekly highlight for me.

Last week, I was charmed by
Bruce Adolphe's rendition of "_______________". (You must listen to fill in the blank. No spoiler here!) What struck me was this piece made an appearance in this year's Winter Recital. This rendition is beautifully pianistic.

Have yourself a little listen, and see if you can decipher the melody. When you
click this link, listen to the December 21 edition.

Mr. Adophe has arranged this piece in the style of 20th Century French composer,
Olivier Messiaen. His piano preludes are contemplative and mysterious, beautiful and reflective. For a quick listen, check him out on Spotify. (What's Spotify, you ask? Download it for free right now, and ask questions later.)

Speaking of puzzlers, if you didn't attend this year's Winter Recital, that's puzzling, because, as some report, it was the best recital yet! Thanks to Robin Bernat and Jon Ciliberto of
Poem 88, and Cooper Piano for making this event possible. Music needs community to thrive, and these people are helping to nurture a beautiful thing.

The participating students should be thrilled with their performances, and their parents are free to whisper those sweet, proud words, "That's my child..." Thank you all for another wonderful year of piano music!

Piano Recital Poem 88
Piano lessons teach children to focus. Charlie is one of the many children whose focus generated an
unforgettable performance at this piano recital.