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Close Quarters

You can take a girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take Wisconsin out of the girl. So every time the weather in the ATL starts dropping below 50°, I start reminiscing about cold gray mornings and long dark nights. In other words, a lot of indoors time. Whenever we are forced to spend a lot of time indoors, we start noticing how others indoors with us start to, um, get a little trying to be around. BUT I HAVE A CURE FOR CABIN FEVER!!!! Go to the person nearest you, tap them on the shoulder, and ask them to make music with you. They don't have to be a trained musician to participate --- most people are perfectly capable of singing or banging on a pot to the beat of Auld Lang Syne.

I'd like to thank my family for making those winters something to remember. Thanks to Aunt Gerri and her plethora of musical instruments, each Christmas as a child was a jam session. I wouldn't say we were the Partridge Family or anything, but in my mind, we were the greatest.

Make memories with music.

(Sometimes I just love to end with a really cheezy line, then sit back and chuckle. Heeheehahaha! But seriously, I actually mean that about memories and music.)

Piano Duet
You're probably looking at this picture and thinking
that I made them smile, but no, I did not. Cousins Davi
and Luca were giggling and having the greatest time
while playing their duet, Swanee River Blues. Hopefully
you made it to the recital to see it in person!