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Give the Gift of Music... La Dee Dah...

Surely you are in over your head thinking about the upcoming holidays and all the gifts you need to buy to pacify your loved ones. Luckily, I have a gift idea for you that is very reasonably priced, fun, educational, and possibly life changing: MUSIC.

You are spending a small fortune when you enroll in piano lessons, this is true. My promise to you is that it may be a small fortune now, but will pay itself back in so many ways down the line, that it actually ends up being priceless. If you are a parent sending your child to piano lessons, the child, unfortunately, will not see these lessons as a gift (yet).

What they will see as a gift, however, is a shiny new book of piano music! Whether it is holiday music, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or favorite TV theme songs, a book of music is an inexpensive gift, but will make a lasting impression. Or, not sure what music they would really like to learn? Give them a gift certificate to a local music store. Roaming through a bin of piano music is like digging through a basket of chocolates at a candy store, only much healthier and longer lasting.

In this area, I recommend two stores for you to visit:
Opus Winds and Hutchins and Rea. Opus Winds Music Store is located in Decatur, and carries a lot of popular music. They have big bins of piano books and sheet music sitting out in the open, so browsing is very simple and fun. Hutchins and Rea is located in Doraville, right off of 285. If you are in that area, Hutchins and Rea is famous for having a huge supply of piano music, from big name standard repertoire masters, to obscure 20th century composers.

David Highsmith of Opus Winds and Roxanne and Bill Rea of Hutchins and Rea are all extremely helpful and accommodating when it comes to finding the right music. Also, if they are out of stock or if you are looking for something very specific, they will gladly order it for you.

When looking for music to buy, let the store owners know what level you are reading at (i.e. Music Tree 2B), and they will be able to direct you to find something comparable to that level. If there is more than one piano player in the house, I suggest getting duet books. Four hands at the piano can really brighten up the holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

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