Mary WilliamsPiano Studio

Performances are Everywhere!

Mary Williams Piano Studio gives each student several opportunities throughout the year to perform, but that's not much considering how much else is available. Grandma's coming to town? OOOO! Let's give her a concert! Going to Arizona to visit family? Maybe they only have a keyboard or a clunky out-of-tune piano, but still, the show must go on!

Schools are a really great spot for kids to get in an extra performance, for the best crowd, their peers. In order for kids to really get into playing the piano long term, they have to identify themselves as musicians. And it is easier to identify as a musician when everyone around identifies you as a musician. For instance, "...Do you know Grace?" "Yeah, I know Grace. She's the one who's really good at the piano, right?" Or, "Mom, James played piano for us in music class today and was REALLY good! Can I take piano?" This second example happens all the time. The idea where "my friend sounds really good on the piano and has inspired me to play, too." What a great compliment!

I guess what I am trying to saw is, no performance is too small. These kids work really hard to achieve their musical abilities, so they should be performing as much as possible. Each performance is going to bring them praise, and also gives them practice performing in various environments -- and you all know how much I like practice!

This is the season for school talent shows. Seek them out. Get the kids excited to perform. Once they do it, they'll be begging for more, and that's when we have true success.

piano performance talent show
Veronica on her way to perform in Fernbank
Elementary's spring talent show. This is a
look of confidence, wouldn't you say?