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But You Should Still Practice

Sometimes I get really mad at Thanksgiving for being so close to our Winter Recital. Didn't the pilgrims have any sense to do this a little earlier, like in September, say, a couple of weeks after school starts?

Well, anyway, we are stuck with it. So here I go, begging and pleading for my students to "practice over the holiday" (she said in a nasally librarian tone), so that when the recital rounds the corner, everyone will be ready and really EXCITED to rock and roll on the pianer.

Piano Lessons

With the holidays on our heels, let me remind you that this is a great time to sneak in some mini performances. Going to Grandma's? Step right up to her out-of-tune piano and show her what you've been working on! Are your cousins coming into town? Show them that song you've been working on, and make them jealous that you are so good at the piano!

If you are away from home and a piano, but would still like to show everyone what you are made of, go to the Gallery page of this website and show off your past recitals. If you need to be reminded of the login and password, send me an email and I'll happily send the information your way.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope it is not too cheesy to say how thankful I am to have a job that I LOVE and students that make me happy every time they walk through the door! Thank you everyone for sticking with it and proving that that ancient piece of furniture in the corner can be what keeps the house happy and ALIVE!